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Nyan Cat by Bulb!

Oh Misha, how we love you!

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Followers in NYC Area: Textures Listening Party (21+ Only)

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Here’s something to hold you over while I finish reorganizing my iTunes:

New STRUC/TURES interview, if you can call it that, haha. These chill guys just goof off and chat about what they love, their music.

Also, Candaian pride!


too heavy

just listen to all of it 

This song is really tight, I love the astro-feel they have going in the music and this visual. Check out their Facebook page, apparently they are releasing an EP soon!

News to make your day!

When I saw them live they were filming for a bonus DVD to be included with special edition orders. If I end up anywhere on that DVD I’ll be sure to let you know!

Check out this awesome guitar cover of Periphery’s “All New Materials” by youtuber spherehead0. What I love about it is you can definitely differentiate between the song in the background and what she’s playing. Too many youtube cover videos have terrible levels.

She most certainly deserves the title Lady Djent! Look up her original stuff.

Animals as Leaders: A Vinyl Review

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I am one happy Djentlelady. Recently, during a very poor day at work I said something to myself along the lines of “screw this, I work hard, I deserve a present.” And so I spent the rest of my downtime during the shift perusing the internets looking for whatever might heighten my spirits. I received a record player for Christmas this past year so, as of late, vinyls have been my go-to feel good present. But I never thought I would find this.

As soon as I discovered its existence on the Prosthetics Records website I immediately put it in my cart and checked out. I decided to purchase the colored vinyl instead of the black, which is 3 dollars less expensive. If you’re an avid vinyl collector I highly suggest spending the extra dough, these records look fantastic. Twenty-Eight dollars may seem a little steep for music, but believe you me, it was well worth the price.

Going off of purse aesthetics only, the vinyl looks fantastic. The cover art is vivid and the inside of the jacket book literal pops when you look at it with the included 3D glasses. As you can see in the above image the glasses use that old school blue/red vision to achieve the effect but it actually works quite well. The records themselves are beautiful, a spin-art-esque swirl of light blue and yellow, sometimes mixing into a green. I am certain that no two of these records look exactly alike.

Musically, well, there’s really no comparison. When I first heard Animals as Leaders about a year or so ago I remember a feeling of euphoria and excitement. This is what metal was capable of, this was talent woven seamlessly with raw emotion to creative a powerfully moving and progressive album. I’ve listened to the mp3s of this record over and over again, and I’ve been lucky enough to see them live very recently, but listening to this vinyl was like hearing them new all over again. The sound is warm but aggressive, with the heaviness their live shows present. Plus, this vinyl has the added bonus of the beyond-words track Wave of Babies, a more than welcome addition to this debut.

Perhaps both an upside and a downside to purchasing this album on vinyl is that the transitions between songs are made that much smoother by the fact the needle slides effortless between songs except for when you have to change records. This is something that any vinyl listeners knows is sacrificed to that analog sound. The only thing that I found lacking in this vinyl was an absence of an extra insert into the jacket. Because the band is instrumental this is excusable because inserts are mainly there to provide lyrics, however, it would have been nice to perhaps have more art or a few words from band providing insight into their unique and groundbreaking sound.

All in all, I am very happy with this purchase. I eagerly await the three other vinyls I purchased that night (the entire BoO discography) and hope to write articles about them as well. The colored vinyl was limited to 1000 copies so order fast if you want to be the lucky owner of this amazing album. That or at least purchase the CD or mp3s if you have not already done so. You won’t be disappointed!

A Djentroduction! (The Puns Will Never Stop)

…Actually they probably will because, hey, I actually want followers.

But to the point!

This is my new blog where I try to represent the small, but undeniably thriving, community of Lady Djents, counterparts to the lovely Djentlemen that make up the fans of this quickly expanding and evolving sub-genre of what we like to call heavy metal.

Of course, I by no means wish to exclude the boys that make up the majority of the followers of Thordendal, Bulb, Abasi, etc. and highly hope and encourage their following and involvement in this blog. I do hope, though, that this comes to the attention of other Lady Djents out there and together we can find other fans, female pioneers and virtuosos and begin to make our role and presence known.

Most posts on here will just be one female fan’s opinions about bands, vinyls, concerts I’ve been to etc, or anything that I find relevant to the general theme of the blog. I do not claim to be a musician of any sort, so please excuse my somewhat creative and certainly only educated-by-ear descriptions.

You may have seen this post floating around the internet earlier before I decided to revamp it and make it it’s own fully fledged blog instead of just a sub-blog to make tracking tags, keeping up with followers, answering messages, etc. all that much easier.

Without further ado, Lady Djents and Djentlemen, love that shit!